Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a Bookkeeper?


Time is money! If you are juggling sales, marketing, performing jobs/services, bookkeeping, taxes, legal/compliance, and shipping.. chances are something will suffer. It's a wiser decision to value your time in order to grow your Business and leave the financials to the experts.

Bookkeeping is important to get an accurate picture of your Business’ health and ways to maximize profits and reduce expenses. Bookkeepers are also able to analyze reports, find trends, and forecast properly to empower you to make informed decisions on what's next.  

Financial Coach vs Financial Planner


Financial Coaches - help put together a budget, find ways to decrease expenses and increase income, empower you to become debt free, manage your spending, build savings, and plan for retirement

Financial Planners - give advice on investment options, manage financial investments, are regulated by the government, and assist clients with insurance and retirement plan